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Free UK Delivery │ British Made │ 0% Finance │ ★★★★★ Reviews
Free UK Delivery │ British Made │ 0% Finance │ ★★★★★ Reviews


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you may find useful.

If you don’t see the question you would like to ask, or would prefer to speak to someone, call us on 0207 5161 001. Alternatively, you can send your query via our contact us page.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam was originally developed for the American space industry to provide increased comfort and pressure relief to astronauts. This is a remarkable new material which shapes to fit, eases pressure on the body and delivers support and comfort. When exposed to the heat and weight of the body, the foam reacts by softening up and shaping itself to the outline of the body, offering optimum support and pressure relief. The body sinks into the foam until the weight is distributed evenly to the entire supporting surface.

The by Duke Brothers range (for more memory foam products see New Models) provides the most luxurious and calming nights rest through the use of “visco-elastic” technology.

How Can I Buy Any of These Products?

Duke Brothers Ltd are a manufacturer and sells directly to you the consumer. If you would like to purchase any of our mattresses or beds then please use this site to find what you are looking for.

What are the Prices for the Products?

You can find all the prices on our website. Bedz by Duke Brothers Ltd sells directly to you bypassing the middleman to save you more money.

What is a Platform Top Base?

Platform bases contain no springs and the mattress is resting on a solid platform. This solid top of a divan base adds to the overall firmness of the sleep system.

What is a Sprung Edge Base?

A Sprung Edge base will soften the feel of a very firm mattress and has the same number of springs as Bonnell mattress unit of the same size. The springs of a sprung edge base are on top of the base which is like having two mattresses next to each other. This makes the sleep system quite soft at the edges and one should not sit on the edge of a spring edge base if it can be avoided.